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AdBlue Malaysia

Find AdBlue in Malaysia for your Diesel Vehicle

Are you looking for AdBlue Solution in Malaysia?

Available Packaging

AdBlue in Malaysia is available in 10L, 20L, 200L Drum & 1000L IBC Tank.

AdBlue Packaging

Where to Buy AdBlue

AdBlue is available for your SCR vehicles in Malaysia now. Buy Now.

Where to Buy AdBlue

The most reliable AdBlue brand in Malaysia and trusted by most SCR vehicle dealers. AdBlue Malaysia has helped many diesel vehicle drivers and fleet owners.

AdBlue is a liquid solution of urea (the stuff found in urine). When it meets hot exhaust system, it releases ammonia which acts as a catalyst to the chemical reaction that converts dangerous Nitrogen Oxides into two harmless products – water vapour and nitrogen. Both products occur naturally, and so can be pumped out of an AdBlue equipped car without any ill effects.

Contact us AdBlue for your Diesel Vehicle today. Partnered with AceRev and Marine Urea.

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